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Submissions on the discussion paper Exploring Digital Convergence closed on 16 October 2015. 48 submissions were received. 43 submissions are published below. Five submitters requested their submission remain confidential, and these have not been published.

These submissions represent the views of the individual submitters. The Crown does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in these submissions. The submissions do not represent the views of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage or the New Zealand Government. All of these submissions are published as pdf documents.

Submissions on the discussion paper exploring the impact of convergence on content regulation, Content Regulation in a Converged World, will be available on the Ministry website.

Submissions on the Telecommunications Act 2001 Review can be found on MBIE’s website.

Submissions received

Alex Lee submission (PDF, 92 kB)

Apra-Independent Music New Zealand-Music Managers Forum-Music Commission – Recorded Music New Zealand – Joint submission (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Artists Alliance submission (PDF, 341 kB)

Brian McKenna submission (PDF, 91 kB)

Channel North submission (PDF, 162 kB)

Chorus submission (PDF, 101 kB)

Chris Doudney submission (PDF, 89 kB)

Claire Thornton submission (PDF, 7 kB)

Coalition for Better Broadcasting submission (PDF, 307 kB)

Copyright Licensing NZ submission (PDF, 329 kB)

David Harvey submission (PDF, 83 kB)

David Hughes submission (PDF, 185 kB)

DEGNZ submission (PDF 133 kB)

Documentary New Zealand Trust submission (PDF, 93 kB)

Dr. Michael Daubs submission (PDF, 195 kB)

Edwina Duff submission (PDF, 5 kB)

Energy Trusts of New Zealand (ETNZ) submission (PDF, 638 kB)

Film Auckland submission (PDF, 92 kB)

Franca Morani submission (PDF, 89 kB)

Fred Wyatt submission (PDF, 95 kB)

IFPI submission (PDF, 276 kB)

Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) submission (PDF, 302 kB)

InternetNZ submission (PDF, 665 kB)

J M Barnes submission (PDF, 5 kB)

Jason Stewart submission (PDF, 174 kB)

John Stewart submission (PDF, 4 kB)

Maori TV-Mediaworks-NZME-TVNZ Joint submission (PDF, 179 kB)

Marie Leadbeater submission (PDF, 87 kB)

New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ) submission (PDF, 310 kB)

NZGDA submission (PDF, 1.4 MB)

NZMPIC-MPDA-HEANZ Joint submission (PDF, 294 kB)

Penny Griffith submission (PDF, 90 kB)

Piet Radford submission (PDF, 253 kB)

Public Media Project submission (PDF, 2 MB)

Publisher Association of NZ (PANZ) submission (PDF, 141 kB)

Recorded Music NZ submission (PDF, 990 kB)

Screenrights submission (PDF, 54 kB)

Simon Green submission (PDF, 170 kB)

SKY Television submission (PDF, 3.6 MB)

SunPix Ltd submission (PDF, 168 kB)

Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) submission (PDF, 315 kB)

Universities New Zealand submission (PDF, 238 kB)

Victoria Davis submission (PDF, 102 kB)

WeCreate submission (PDF, 368 kB)